Akila & Hedvig

Akila 1998-2010
Akila was a puppy after my very first dog, Schnauzerhill`s Endless Love, and the beginning for me as a breeder. Akila is only Akila, I did not have a kennel name so early.

You gave us 12 happy year to love you and we will miss you so much.
Ingunn and IrmelinAkila is from my first litter and before I got a kennel name.
Akila has never been to a show since it is several things that is "wrong" with her (her exterior is not good enough), but for me and the family she has been the BEST dog ever.

Hedvig 1998-2012

Schnaffentangens Herlige Hedvig
Born: 10th November 1998
Breeder: Kennel Schnaffentangen
Owner: Kennel Schnaffentangen 

Hedvig has lived here with us since she was 6 years old, we borrow her (for ever) from Grete and Frank Kennel Schnaffentangen. Hedvig is Akilas very best friend and she is a fantastic nice girl