that is Champions and their other tittles

Erlkings May Day

Norwegian Champion Swedish Champion

Velvet Dandy`s Zephir

C.I.B Champion Internationale Beauty Swedish Champion Norwegian Champion Lithuanian Champion Norwegian Jubilee Ch

Imrun`s Plus Minus Zeta

Norwegian Champion Lithuanian Champion Swedish Champion Norwegian Jubilee Ch Norwegian J. Winner -20 Norwegian Winner -20 

Imrun`s Surprise Cookie

Norwegian Champion.... Lithuanian Champion....

Imrun`s Fats Domino

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Francs Peak

Finnish Ch

Imrun`s Hot Topic Junior B

Norwegian Champion Swedish Champion Norwegian Winner -20

Grant Britt Bibigon

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Crazy Peak

Norwegian Ch - Estonian Ch

Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose

United Kingdom Ch 

Norwegian Ch - Swedish Ch

Imrun`s Lollipop

Italian Ch

Imrun`s Raining Men

Estonian JCh  Latvian JCh

Majpl`s Special Ordered Siri

Norwegian Ch 

Imrun`s Mini Morris

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Handsome Devil

Swedish Ch - Danish Ch

Imrun`s Tom Bombadil

Canadian Ch - Norwegian Ch

Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondawoo

C.I.B. Champion Internationale Beauty
CAN Ch - Norwegian Ch 
EST Ch - Lithuanian Ch

Imrun`s Frodo Baggins

Swedish Ch - Danish Ch   

Imrun`s Suloinen Seija Korialta

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Famous Eight Hera

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Northern Star To Majpl

Norwegian Ch - SE Ch 

Finnish Ch - Nordic Ch 

Neibade`s April Alp

Norwegian Ch

Capricho Ille Anclentanne

C.I.B. Champion Internationale Beauty Norwegian Ch - LIT Ch Nordic Veteran Winner 2018

Imrun`s Famous Eight Gaia

Swedish Ch

Imrun`s Little Princess Saga

C.I.B. Champion International Beauty, Swedish Ch - German Ch Danish Ch - German JCh
Jugendsieger Leipzig 2009
Jugendsieger Rostock -09
Sieger Leipzig 2010 

Darkle Dishily Dishevelled

Norwegian Ch - Norwegian Winner 2008 Norwgian Veteran Vinner 2014

Nordic Veteran Winner 2014
Norwegian Veteran Winner 2015 

Imrun`s Famous Eight Hera

Danish Ch -  Swedish Ch German Ch - German JCh
Jugendsieger Leipzig 2008 
Sieger Rostock 2009
Sieger Leipzig 2011

Imrun`s Joseph Stalin

Norwegian Ch - Swedish Ch

Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Sir Winston Churchill

Norwegian Ch

Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin

World Winner 2008 International Ch
Nordic Ch - NOR Ch Danish Ch -  Swedish Ch
Nordic Junior Winner 2006  

Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt

Junior World Winner 2006
International Champion 
Baltic Ch - LV Ch - LIT Ch -  EST Ch
Belarussian Ch -  Norwegian Ch Finnish Ch - Russian Ch  
HSPK CH 2008
Baltic JCh -  Latvian JCh
Lithuanian JCh -  Estonian JCh 
Belarussian JCh
Polish JuniorW-06 - LatvianW-07-08
Lithuanian JuniorW-07 - FinnishW-07
NorwegainW-07 - EstonianW-08

Jarube Sir Perceval

International Champion 
 Nordic Ch - Norwegian Ch - Danish Ch Swedish Ch - Lithuanian Ch 
Lithuanian Winner 2008
Norwegian Winner 2009 

Schnaffentangens Top Alfa

Norwegian Ch - LV Ch - LIT Ch Norwegian Veteran Winner 2012