Affenpinscher litters planned in 2021 

We are planning litters in 2022, more information further down on the page. 

We do not send puppies alone, they must be picked up here with us. We do not sell puppies outside Europe and we do not sell to countries where it will be difficult for us to get them home again, if needed.

Litter 1    

                   X Imrun`s Crazy Peak
                  Inbreeding for this litter is % 
                       Both  and CC is ecvo eye tested and both without remarks
                                              They both have patella status 0/0                

CC is our lovely girl that smiles all day long, she wants to be there things happen and she love to be in centrum of the attention,  it`s all about me. CC is black with a very good coat and she has also very good bones.

Litter 2. 

More information coming