Our imports

We imported our first affenpinscher in 2005 and have up til now imported 13. We have imported from Canada, England, Finland, Latvia, Russia and Sweden and from 10 different kennels.

Erlkings May Day - Sweden

Grant Britt Bibigon - Russia

Rantapuolen M Monroe - Finland

Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo - Canada

Darkle Ghisellesexybelle - UK

Laroussu`s Joomla Jump - Sweden

Attila Devil In Disguise for Darkle - UK

Neibade`s April Alp - Latvia

Laroussu`s Banana Blues - Sweden

Neibade`s Vernum Imrun`s Vaar - Latvia

Capricho Ille Anclentanne - UK

Darkle Dishily Dishevelled - UK

Jarube Sir Perceval - UK