I and Örjan has been on a combined show trip and visited puppy buyers in Bergen.
Friday morning and I and Örjan drove from home very early and to the airport.
Our plane took off 08.00 and we arrived Bergen 08.45, so a short and nice trip it was. 

When I arrived Bergen Synneva was there on the airport to meet us and took us home were we got a warm welcome from Imrun`s Little Princess Vilje and Örjan`s son Jolle.

We spent the day home, walking the dogs, grooming the dogs and just had a good time. 

On Saturday morning we got up early and went to the show area, it took only 10 minutes driving and then we were there.
Örjan entered in open class and got Exc 1.
Clooney`s (Darkle Dishily Dishevelled) daughter Schnaffentangens Sunshine Ester was also there and she entered in open class and got it all, she got CQ, became 1 Best Female, got both CAC and CACIB and became BOS and with this she is now also a Norwegian and Danish Champion. We are so proud of our grand daughter and sends our congratulations to her owner Unni and breeder Kennel Schnaffentangen.
Our Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin`s great grand daughter was there too and I thought it was so fun to see her, Cichlas It`s A Oceanwild Affen was this little lady`s name.

After the show we went home and ate a bit before Eirik and Synneva took med on a sightseeing in Bergen city and I have to say that this city is absolutely worth the visit and I recommend all to visit this beautiful city if they have the possibility.
Up on top of Flöien, you have a wonderful bird's eye view of the Bergen, with its seaward approach, the fjords and islands. From the heights of Flöien, you can really see the diversity of this historical town and its surrounding area. The breathtaking panorama stretches far out to the open sea, north to the island of Fedje and south to the islands of Sunnhordland.
We chose to walk all the way up and did not take the flöibanen, it was a long walk up but when you came up and saw the view it was absolutely fantastic.

What a fantastic weekend this has been for me and Örjan and we are now both big fans of Bergen city.
Thank you so much Eirik og Synneva for your hospitality.