I and Margareth has been in Finland and visiting Kennel Seibrin. Wednesday morning October 17th we drove to the airport were we took the plane to Helsinki, Finland. In Helsinki Alpo, Seija`s husband, meet us and then we drove home to their house in Koria. We stayd there to Monday afternoon.
What a week it has been, exciting with lots of new people, dogs and experiences.
Sunday 21st October I went with Seija to a big puppy-show in Lahti, it was a fantastic fun trip. Seija took it all that day, first she got BOB on her Kojo and BOS on Risse her breed, Kojo also got 4th place in the group and at last Seija got 1st BIS for her breeding. 

One of the days we were there Sirpa came for a visit and she had all her affenpinschere with her and with them a little boy named Rasse, Neibade`s Grifild, who is the son of Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt and our Alfa and Pippin`s grandchild. It was so nice for me to see that little man.

I wish to say thank you to the hosts Alpo and Seija who made my trip to Finland to an unforgettable experience