Holidays in Rogaland

8-15th September 2016

Finally we are on our way to visit Kari in Rogaland, again. I and 6 of the dogs started early and drove all day, only one break, and arrived 9 hours later in Rogaland.
Friday Kari and I took the dogs to the beach for a walk and after we went shopping. 

On Saturday we went to the Norwegian Kennel Club Show where Rosie, Capricho Ille Anclentanne got Exc1, CQ, 3BF and became BOB-veteran.
Every day we walked the dogs on the beach and it was heaven for them, they could run free and Flores Del Nuciero just loved it, she jumped around like a puppy in the water and chased the waves.
I also went to the factory Sandnes yarn where I bought lot of yarn to take with me, now I have enough yarn for all my Christmas presents.
We spent some lovely days here before we drove to Farsund and visited Vibeke Iversen one half of kennel Oceanwild, spent some lovely time there and drove home to Minni and the puppies

Rogaland 2010

Thursday 16th September 
And there the holiday was over for this time.
Got up at 05.00 today so I could walk the dogs before we drove off about 08.00.
Stopped several times the first half part of the road so I could take some pictures, the pictures could have been better if the weather had been better, but the beautiful nature and the great view was still there even if it rained a bit. 

I stoppet about half way with Brokelandsheia and walked the dogs so they could stretch their legs properly before we drove further.

When I came to Oslo it was in the middle of the rush hour so I took some pictures of it and of us in the car so I could get the time to fly faster.
Home again we were about 18.00 and even if it is very nice with holiday it is very good to come home again too.

Wednesday 15th September
The day today has been a photo day, we have taken pictures of those dogs that needs to get their pages updated.
I have also packed my thing for tomorrow I drive home again, I will try to start as early as I did driving here, so an early morning tomorrow and walk the dogs before we drive.
I will take some more stop now to take some pictures, I saw the places when I drove here but didn`t have the opportunity to stop. 

Tuesday 14th September
After this weekends show and all we were tired on Monday so we walked the dogs on the beach and that was it, not even the blog was updated.
Today we have been on a different beach, Bore, also there it was absolutely wonderful. The dogs had several kilometer to run on and as usual I took a lot of pictures, it is difficult not to take so many pictures when you have so many great motives.
The day ended in good company with Alfred and Rita, Kennel Oceanwild, who had invited us to biscuit and cheese with wine.

Sunday 12th September
Not so much sun, but not rain either so we leave happy and satisfied for the Norwegian Kennel Club Show at Orre.
It has been a wonderful day with a lot of good results and we have spent some quality time with our good friends and puppy buyers.
3 from my breeding lives here in this district so I had the opportunity to enter in breeders class and with great result too, BOB and 4th Best In Show 

Saturday 11th September
The weather today has not been the best so it was a cold and wet day at the show for us, but who cares about the weather when the result get so good. N CH Imrun`s Sir Winston Churchill was 1st BM and BOB and it was so fun to stand and watch them ringside.
Rest of the day we have groomed dogs, talked about dogs and just relaxed.
New day tomorrow with show and hopefully better weather than today. 

Friday 10th September
Another wonderful day is soon over. The day started with a good breakfast and a cup of tea.
After a while we went for a new walk on the beach with all the dogs (13 it was today, 11 affen and 2 French Bulldogs), 2 1/2 hour we were there and the dogs was very happy and satisfied when we went home again.
Home again and we plaid some with Kari`s puppies, Ada`s two beautiful affen babies (Sire: Oceanwild To Fast For You X Dame: Attila`s Devil In Disguise For Darkle).
Groomed some dogs today too, they have to look nice when they enter in the Norwegian Kennel Club`s show on Sunday. It is also a show tomorrow but we have not entered any of our dogs there, but we will go and see because I have some grandchildren there, 1 son of Pippin and Alfa and 1 son of Pippin and Gyda.
Now we are going to eat fresh shrimp, bread and mayonnaise

Thursday 9th September

I got up very early and walked the dogs before we drove, then they are satisfied for a long time and I can drive for a while before first stop.We started to drive 0800 yesterday and after 10 hours in the car we finally was here. Everything went fine and we had two long and good stop so I could walk the dogs for a bit.Now we are going to the beach to walk the dogs and have fun. Pictures coming tonight.We have had a fantastic day at the beach with all the dogs. Now 11 very happy and tired dogs lies all over here and rest. 

Tuesday 7th September
Counting down, only one day left before I and the dogs drive to the west coast of Norway and to Rogaland to visit good friends and just relax. We will live at Kari`s place in Naerbo.
You can call it a proper dog-holiday, everything we plan to do in the days is for the best and for fun for the dogs :)
I always write a bit from our trips and this time I will write a bit every day and put a lot of pictures here too.


Me, Fidzi and Pippin have been one week in Rogaland visiting Boris and Winston.
22 May we left home and drove towards Naarbo where Kari and Boris lives.
The drive took us almost 11 hours, but we stopped several times and walked for a bit before we drove on.
We lived with Kari and Boris the whole week. Suzanne came and visited us and brought Winston and Deville. It was very nice to see our boys again, Boris and Winston.
Pippin enjoyed himself together with his son's and all of the other affenpinschers.