Jarube Sir Perceval - Pippin

Jarube Sir Perceval 

Born: 28th January 2005

Owner: Kennel Imrun

Breeder: Janet R. Beale, Kennel Jarube


Norwegian Champion
Danish Champion
Swedish Champion
Nordic Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Lithuanian Winner 2008
Norwegian Winner 2009


5th June 2010 NKK show 1-1, CQ, 1BM, CACIB, BOB. Judge Per Kristian Andersen, Norway
28th November NKK show 1-1, CQ, 1BM, CACIB, BOS --> Norwegian Winner 2009 
Judge Helene Björkman, Sweden
27th June 2009 NKK show 1-1, CQ, 1BM, CACIB, BOB. Judge Mona Selbach, Norway
4th October 2008 NKK show 1-1, CQ, 1BM, CACIB, BOB. Judge Rafael M Alcrudo, Spain
3rd July 2008 World Winner in Sweden 1-1, CQ, 2BM, Res,CACIB (his son Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin won and was World Winner 2008 with dad 2nd) Judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland
16th March 2008 INT show in Lithuania 1-1, CQ, 1BM, CACIB, BOS --> Lithuanian Winner 2008 Judge Tibor Havelka, Slovakia
15th March 2008 INT show in Lithuania 1-1, CQ, Cert, 1BM, CACIB, BOS --> LIT Champion & International Champion Judge Avi Marshak, Israel
19th January 2008 National show 1-1, CQ, 1BM, BOB. Judge Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway
30th June 2007 National show in Sweden 1-1, CQ, Cert, 2BM --> Swedish Champion & Nordic Champion Judge Paolo Dondina, Italy
28th July 2006 INT show in Denmark 1-1, CQ, 2BM, CACIB. Judge Sheila Verhulst, Canada
27th July 2006 INT show in Denmark 1-1, HP, Cert, 2BM, CACIB --> Danish Champion 
Judge Wera Hübental, Sweden
24th June 2006 National show in Nes 1-1, CQ, 1BM, BOB. Judge Salvatore Tripoli, Italy
17th June 2006 NKK show 1-1, CQ, 2BM, CACIB. Judge Maija Kavcic, Slovenia
6th May 2006 NKK show 1-1, HP, Cert, 2BM, Res.CACIB --> Norwegian Champion 
Judge Erwin Deutscher, Austria
1st April 2006 National show 1-1, HP, Cert, 1BM, BOB. Judge Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden
25th February NKK show in Bo 1-1, HP, Cert, 2BM. Judge Ann Arch, United Kingdom
4th February 2006 National show in Oslo 1-1, HP, Cert, 1BM, BOB. Judge Mette Tufte, Norway
30th Oct. 2005 National show 1-1, HP, Cert, 1BM, BOS. Judge Pero Bozhinovski, Macedonia

4th September 2005 National show in Oslo 1-1, HP, BOB puppy. Judge Gunnar Jensen, Norway

28th August 2005 National show in Oslo 1-1, HP, BOB puppy. Judge Antoni De Lorenzo, Norway

Pippin`s photo album

I have been in Spain from 1st-7th December 2010 on a combined holiday and dog show, with me I had two dogs and one of them was Pippin.
Pippin became sick after only one day and seriously ill they told me, Pippin as a youngster was poisend and was very sick and that time he got a serious liver damage so he has been living on borrowed time for 4 years.
6th December his body said stop and he died quietly in my arms. Pippin was only 5 years and 10 months old therefore the shock was extra large of course since I expected to have my very special little Boppa for many years more. I will never forget this outstanding man and I am so lucky that I have several of his children and grandchildren with me and he will continue to live true them all.
I want to thank you Janet Beale, Kennel Jarube, for letting me have this very special boy and from the minute he sat his paws on Norwegian soil he stole my heart and the hearts of many others too.

Pippin`s offspring

Born 15th March 2010 

Dame: Schnaffentangens Neibade

Breeder: Ilona Ose, Kennel Neibade 

Born 24th October 2008 

Dame: Ing-Sta`s Affen Gyda Gullfaks

Breeder: Ingebjørg Meich-Bache, Kennel Ing-Sta 

Born 11th July 2008 

Dame: Comon Blomma

Breeder: Kennel Urax 

Born 20th July 2007

Dame: Ing-Sta`s Affen Gyda Gullfaks

Breeder: Ingebjørg Meinich-Bache, Kennel Ing-Sta

Male: Neibade`s Catcher Cool

Male: Neibade`s Clark Cool

Male: Neibade`s Cooper Mini Cool

Female: Neibade`s Cameron Cool

Female: Neibade`s Can-Can Cool 

Male: Ing-Sta`s Affe Felicity Miro 

Male: Urax Palantir

Male: Urax Pippin

Female: Urax Precious 

Male: Ing-Sta`s Affen Aha Eddie

Russian Ch Russian Junior Ch 

Estonian Jun Winner-11 
Estonian Winner-11 
Baltic JCh Latvian JCh Lithuanian JCH Estonian JCh Belorussian JCh

Born 14th July 2007
Dame: Jarube Sir Perceval

Born 10th February 2006

Dame: Jarube Sir Perceval

Male: Imrun`s Famous Eight Athos

Male: Imrun`s Famous Eight Hector
Male: Imrun`s Famous Eight Pan
Female: Imrun`s Famous Eight Gaia

Female: Imrun`s Famous Eight Hera

Female: Imrun`s Famous Eight Rheia

Female: Imrun`s Famous Eight Themis

Male: Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin

Male: Imrun`s Joseph Stalin
Male: Imrun`s Mao

Male: Imrun`s Sir Winston Churchill

Male: Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt

Female: Imrun`s Margareth

Swedish Champion

Swedish Champion German Champion Danish Champion JugendsiegerLeipzig-08 DKLBW-08 SiegerRostock-09
Sieger Leipzig 2011

Norwegian Champion

INT Ch WW-08 Norwegian Ch Swedish Ch Danish Ch Nordic Ch Norwegian Junior Winner 2006

Norwegian Ch Swedish Ch

Norwegian Ch 

INT Ch Norwegian Ch Finnish Ch Polish Ch Latvian Ch Lithuanian Champion Estonian Ch WWJW-06

Norwegian Ch