From show trips to Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania  January 2023

Wednesday 25th January - Monday 30th JanuaryAnn Jorunn came by car from Haugesund and spent the night here with us before we on the Wednesday morning packed the car and drove to Nynäshamn in Sweden with 4 dogs and took the ferry til Ventspils in Latvia and drive from there in to Lithuania.We had rented a lovely appartment 30 minutes from Kaunas.The shows was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we came home with 5 CACIB`s, 4 Res.CACIB`s and 3 Lithuanian Campions. I love to stay and show in the Baltic countries, everything is so well organized and the people are so nice so will for sure go several times.

Lithuania 2015

Thursday 17th December
I took Butters, Rosie and Morris with me to Vilnius, Lithuania. The plan was to do some Christmas shopping and go to Christmas Cup Show in the weekend.
I stayd in a lovely hotel right next to a big shopping center, so all the presents was easy :)
The show was 2 Internationale and with possibility for Cacib both days on my dogs. Both Butters and Rosie needed one more Cacib to gain the honorable title C.I.B - Campion Internationale Beauty. Both won their Cacib`s and Butters also became a Lithuanian Champion, Rosie already have that title. Little Morris also did great and became 2nd BM both days and since Butters took his Cacib on Saturday, Morris got the Cacib on Sunday, very happy for this great results.
Spent some nice time with my friends from Estonia too, they stayed in the same hotel and we had dinner together in the evenings.
I and the dogs went home on Monday night, tired but happy

Lithuania 2008 

Friday 14th Mars me, Ellinor, Pippin and Thea stood on Gardermoen with butterflies in our tummy on our way to Lithuania.

A while ago we decided that we wanted to go to Lithuania for the Lithuanian Winner show 2008 and Vilnius Cup show, 2 big international shows with possibilety for Cacib both days.
Good preperations with very good help from my dear friend Ilona, Kennel Neibade, this journey became a fantastic success for us.
The plane took off from Gardermoen 20.10 and landed in Vilnius 23.00, about 2 hours it took us to get there, we turned our clocks 1 hour forward so that is way it seems like it took 3 hours but it did not.
We booked in to the hotel 00.45 and went finally to bed worn out and excited for the next day.
Saturday morning in a cab on our way to the show place. At the show place was some of the first I saw my good friend Sirpa from Finland together with her 3 affenpinschere, little Cindy - my heartbreaker from my trip to Finland were I lived with Seija and Alpo in Kennel Seibrin. And Pippin`s grandson Rasse, Neibade`s Grifild, and Risse, Seibrin Kokako.
Sirpa had taken good places for us all inside and we spent 2 wonderful days together with Sirpa and her two good friends from Finland, Ari and Maija.
Ellinor walked with both Pippin and Thea both days in the ring and won so I walked Pippin myself when we walked for BOB and BOS.
I have to admit that it took some time before I landed after this journey and I am not sure that I have got both my legs on the ground yet, we came home with 2 Internationale Champions, 2 Lithuanian Champions and 2 Lithuanian Winners 2008 - what a fantastic result for us.
We went home again on Monday evening and now I sit here and look at all the pictures and think about all the great memories from the weekend in Vilnius I have about this journey and I have to say this is not the last time I will go out for show.
Pippin and Thea they really loved each others company and they also found out that the other ones food was so much better then the one they got self, so Pippin ate Thea`s food and enjoyed aunt Ellinor`s company and Thea she ate Pippin`s food and blinked happy to me aunt Ingunn
The entertainment Thea took care of, she danced for us and did all sort of things to get us to laugh and laughed we did of this funny little lady. 

Lithuanian Winner Show 15th Mars

 Vilnius Cup Show 16th Mars  

We spent the show days together with my good friend Sirpa from Finland and her two friends Ari and Maija. Thank you for such good company and I hope we meet again. 

After two fantastic show days we had the pleasure to see that one of our new friends from Finland did very good in the group. 

And now the journey is over for this time and we go home worn out but so happy.
thank you Ellinor for the fantastic journey we had and for handling Pippin.
Thank you Sirpa, Ari and Maija for such good company.