N CH NW-08 Darkle Dishily Dishevelled
N LT CH Capricho Ille Anclentanne

Born: 25th June 2014 - 2 boys

1 week old 

Rosie is doing great and are a wonderful mum to her two boys. 

2 weeks old. 

They sleep, eat and grow, just as they shall.

3 weeks old
They start to be a bit more with us and curious about the world but it is still best in mom`s arms 

4 weeks old
Finally we got to see some of the world outside the puppy room 

5 weeks old
We run around in the living room and explore everything we see 

6 weeks old
Finally we meet all the others and we have moved out in to the living room

Imrun`s Gorgeous George

Imrun`s Dashing Junior 

7 weeks old
Now we run outside in the lovely weather all day long 

8 weeks old 

9 weeks old