Mum Kitty


N CH Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne
Imrun`s Pussy Galore

Born: 3rd January 2015 - 2 boys and 1 girl

Dad Bjarne

Imrun`s Snowflake. Shitaz lives with his mum Leila and dad Per. Shitaz often visit us. 

Imrun`s Snowman. Truls lives with his dad Sven Erik and the family in the north part of Norway

Imrun`s Snow Crystal. Crystal lives here with us and have her own page under our dogs. 

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from

their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old
We have now moved out in to the livingroom, taken our pictures and
mum has found names for us. What a exciting week it has been 

6 weeks old
We have meet our cousins and play with them all day long. And then we eat
lunch and supper together with them, the food taste even better now. 

7 weeks old
We play with uncle Morris and are out for the first time 

8 weeks old 

9 weeks old
We spend a lot of time outside in this lovely weather