Mum Minni


SE CH Hundboden`s Nypoon 
Imrun`s Mini Magic

20TH August 2016 - 3 boys and 2 girls

Dad Wolfgang

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from
their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

Only few hours old. A tired Minni, but so proud of her five little ones.

Puppies 1 week 

The puppies 2 and 3 weeks old

Puppies 4 weeks
We are more puppies now, mum says and we have started to eat food

Puppies 5 weeks
We now has moved in to the livingroom and in a big pen

Puppies 6 weeks
We enjoy life outside and having a good time together with granny Rosie

Puppies 7 weeks
It has been absolutely wonderful weather these days
and we spend a lot of time outside 

Puppies 8 weeks 

Puppies 9 weeks 

Puppies 10 weeks 

Puppies 11 weeks 

The puppies photo album from after they have moved out