Mum Edda


Veggfjellets Black Boy 

Imrun`s Troll Edda 

Born 11th November 2018 - 1 girl

Dad Viggo

Imrun`s Surprise Cookie. Tiril is owned by us here in Kennel Imrun and Ann Jorunn Sivertsen. Tiril lives with her mum Ann Jorunn. She has her own page here under our dogs.

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from
their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

Newborn little Tiril

1 week old. 

Edda enjoying her life as a mother

3 weeks old 

I start to walk around in my pen now

6 weeks old

9 weeks old 

A little beauty