Mum Lille My


N CH Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher
Seibrin Eppu Eliitti

Born: 16th December 2007 - 6 males + 1 female

Dad Eppu

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from 

their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

Photos sent to us from their owners 

From their time here in Kennel Imrun 

All the puppies 9 weeks old in the same order as they were born

Moving out to the kitchen
The puppies are now almost 4 weeks old, 25 days they were on this pictures.
Now they move out from the bedroom and in to the kitchen to start on the next step in their socialization.
Food they also got served for the very first time and they ate it in reccord time.
Pikku Poika also ate good like his siblings and his weight is now 320 grams, not a big chap, but manage himself excellent. 

The puppies are now 12 days old and eat and grow very well here. 

Yeasterday 11 days old their eyes started to open and the one who is first and has developed faster then the others is incredibly enough Pikku Poika.
Today 12 days old Pikku Poika`s weight was 126 grams so no I have stopped to be constantly afraid for him, he is doing just fine.
Picture of our 7 beautiful puppies, a big one in the middle surounded by small, smaller and smallest.

We are now 18 days old, have a good life and grow fast.

Today the wight did not stop before it pointed at 203 grams for Pikku Poika, unbeliveable how good everything has turend out for him, but small he is.
On the pictures it is Pikku Poika who really enjoy himself together with his siblings 

On Christmas Eve, 8 days old, when we weight Pikku Poika he had gained weight up to 100 gram, we were so happy here. I am not only optimistic here I truly beleive that this will our Pikku Poika manage.
9 days old and I just had to take some pictures of Pikku Poika and his biggest brother; here their weights is 104 grams and 338 grams.
Pikku Poika is now so strong so he manage to get hold to a tit and heng on to it, so now he manage without me giving him extra. 

Pikku Poika
Some news about Pikku Poika when he turns 7 days, time just fly away here.
Yeasterday, 6 days old, was Pikku Poika`s weight 84 grams so now we can see progress.
On the lowest his weight was only 55 grams and I understood that if this little man should have a chance to survive I had to give him help and that help had to be mothers mild replacement.
I give Pikku Poika replacement and at the same time I see to it that he also get milk from Margareth so he get half from me and half from his mum. If I had not done this I do not think he would have survived much longer.
It is hard to be a full-time mother for infants again with little or nothing sleep at night and feeding all the time, but to see Pikku Poika growing and pleased is so big payment for me that it is worth every tear of fear and hours with out sleep.

4 days old
The puppies are now 4 days old and today the first one passed 200 grams.
This litter is half Finnish and that is why our subject for names this time will be Finland and Finnish names.
The little boy or as I now call him Pikku Poika, meaning little boy in Finnish, has also put some weight on. Today Pikku Poika`s weight was 72 grams and for the first time he has passed his birth weight. I know that he has a long way to go but I am a little bit optimistic about him now.

Here is Margareth with her 7 puppies 1 day old. Margareth do a fantastic ob with her children, can not be easy to get 7 at the same time. 

The puppies are two days old

The little boy has lost weight and now he is only 59 gram, but still he show us that he is a fighter, I really hope he make it. 

First Imrun dog to get a Imrun puppy

This litter is our first from our own breed, an Imrun dog who gets Imrun puppies
We have been very excited about this litter since Margareth is Alfa`s daughter and she got 6 puppies and then 10 puppies. And you can say that Margareth is truly her mother`s daugther, she got 7 puppies on her first litter, 6 boys and 1 girl.
On Saturday the 15th December Margareth started to pant and moan, and all went like expected.
Sunday morning we saw that now it was not long before the birth started, the first puppy came at 1100 and the last one came at 1640.
The 2 last boys was born at the veterinarien, Margareth needed some help because the labour stopped up, but a syringe started it all again and then the 2 last boys came out.
One of the boys gave me a bit of shock, I have never seen a smaller puppy, his weight was 67 gram. But he is a fighter so I cross my fingers here.
The girl she will stay here, little Seija. A while ago we decided to keep a boy too and him we will call Alpo, Alpo shall not live here with us but we will own him.