Mum Lille My


N CH Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher
NORDIC CH Schnaffentangens Näppärä Narri

Born: 6th December 2008 - 4 females

Dad Pongo

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from
their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

Photos from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun 

Further down it is photos from their homes

Margareth is 55 days and a bit tired and bored of it all 

6th December Margareth was very restless and followed me all over. And not many hours later she started to give birth, the first puppy came 17.35 and the last one came 20.00 and everything went just perfect.
4 small beautiful princesses it was this time and you can imagine how happy we were
Margareth is enjoying herself together with her girls and she is an absolutely wonderful mother.

1 week old our princesses are today
I have taken photo of each of them.
They eat, grow and looks great, healthy and fat 

2 weeks old
20th December and our little princesses are now 2 weeks old.
In the past week it has happened a lot for the little ladies, they have now got their first deworming and cut their nails. they have also opened their eyes and can now look around at the world. 

The princesses are 3 weeks today 27th December.
It start to be a bit more life in the litter box now, they play and are beginning to look around on the world.
Yesterday one of the girls barked and growled at me, I was very scary until she heard my voice and the she started to was her tail.

4 weeks old
3rd January 2009, 4 weeks and full of life.
The girls has now moved out in to the kitchen, their first meal they have got and their second deworming, things happens fast here now.
It`s starting to get full of life now in the pen, they play and have fun together when they are awake and they like to see what is happening in the rest of the house.
New Year greetings from dad we got too.
We slept the whole New Years Eve and did not hear all the noice.
We move in to our new home in the kitchen. A bit scary, mum is good to have 

We have taken some pictures of each one of them again and with very good help from Ilona, Kennel Neibade whos celebrated the first days in the new year here with us. 

5 weeks old
10th January and 5 weeks old.
Now it is very lively in the litter box, the girls run around and plays a lot with their toys and each other.
The teeth are coming now, I felt them very good yesterday when I plaid with them. 

The photos:

Mother and daughter

Look the door is open, come on sis we go for a walk... The safe thing will be to sit here and just look out on the big world for a while, and go out there we can do later. Don`t you think so?

6 weeks old
17th January and 6 weeks the girls are now.
Now they are much more awake during the day and very curious of everything that happens around them.
They are now allowed to come out to the livingroom with the other dogs in the house. Grandmother, Schnaffentangens Top Alfa, enjoy spending time with her grandchildren.
They got their 3rd deworming and they eat 3 meals pr day, but mum is still very good to have. The door in to the puppy pen is open almost the whole day and the pups can walk as they like in and out and have the entire kitchen for themselves. They have two dog beds, one inside the pen and one on the kitchen floor, they like to sleep in and snuggle there. 

7 weeks today 24th January
Now we have found out who is going to have which name too and of course we had to take some new pictures of the girls.
The girls has now meet rest of the dogs in the house.
The miniatureschnauzer Riga 11 months old and the affenpinscher Alpie 9 months old are now official the girls idols, they run after them every time they are in the livingroom and loves to play with them. And it is mutual, Riga adores the girls and specially little Vilje, while Alpie is really enjoying himself as only boy in this little flock.
And the girls has been outsider for the first time in the past week.
I thought they would have been more reserved then they were since it is so much snow outside and a bit cold, but no they really liked it outside in the snow. 

8 weeks old 31st January
The time is going so fast when you have a good time and this litter I really have had a good time. I have always enjoyed myself with the puppies but this time with "only" four in the litter I have had so good time for each puppy and that is something I, Margareth and the puppies has appreciated a lot.
In the past week the puppies has had their fourth deworming and they have spent lot of time outside. 

9 weeks old
7th February and 9 weeks old the girls are now and soon ready for their new homes.
Freya and Vilje are leaving on Friday and both with plane from Gardermoen were I will take them to meet their new family.
Saga and Sol will stay for a while longer and it is good so they don`t leave at the same time all of them, it`s easyer for me and Margareth to handle it then.
Yesterday I took the puppy pen away and now the pups is with us the other dogs all the time and when they go to bed they sleep together the four of them in a small pen.
In the past week the girls has been out a lot and have had fun in the snow. 

The girls photo album from after they have moved out