Mum Ada


Attila Devil In Disguise For Darkle
Laroussu`s Banana Blues 

Born: 26 November 2011 - 3 boys

Dad Örjan

Ada gave birth to 3 wonderful boys 26th November 2011. The whole ordeal went well and Ada is a perfect mother to her puppies. 

1 week old
They eat, grow and looks great, healthy and fat 

2 weeks old
So nice to have puppies in the house again and I really
enjoy the time together with Ada and her 3 gorgeous boys.
The boys eat and eat and eat, I have not seen puppies that eat more
but I have not seen a mother with more milk either since my Alfa.
Some pictures taken of the boys 2 weeks old 

3 weeks old
Look at us how fast we grow and soon we run around and play, mum thinks that
the clock is going to fast and want us to stay like this for a while longer.

4 weeks old
We have now moved out to the hall, closer to the living room and the other dogs.
We eat one meal per day now and love it. 

5 weeks old
Now we live in a huge puppy-pen in the livingroom and we a pretty satisfied with that
since we now can see the other dogs and even say hello to them true the bars.

6 weeks old
We have now decided the names for the puppies and this time the topic is about storms.
It has been a terrible weather here and we even got the garage roof blown
of and we where without power for many hours several times. So the boys`
names will be Hurricane, Typhoon and Tornado and all three will also have a second
name that the owners decide that will be after a storm.  

7 weeks old
The boys grow in to some really handsome little boys and they are so fun to be around.

8 weeks old
The boys now have meet some of the other dogs and they thought that was so fun. 

9 weeks old
Although they look peaceful and quiet here is this a rare moment I have managed
to capture, I can assure you that these little guys are anything but peaceful 

10 weeks old 

11 weeks old
This week has been so exciting, we have been outside for the first time
in the snow and we have played with Flores the Spanish waterdog. 
Flores is herself only 7 months old and only a puppy but so gentle and careful when she plays with the little guys. 

The puppies photo album from after they have moved out