Mum Rosie


C.I.B. N LT EST CH Capricho Ille Anclentanne
N CH Neibade`s April Alp

Born: 27 March 2012 - 3 boys

Dad Alpie

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from
their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

Rosie gave birth to 3 fantastic boys 27th March 2012.
The ordeal went well and Rosie is a very good mother for her boys.
Some hours old, mother and pups

1 week old
They eat good, are nice, fat and shiny in the coat. 

2 weeks old
We have opened our eyes and look around at the big world.
Mum Rosie and grandmum Ingunn thinks of course we are the best boys in the whole world  

3 weeks old
We are growing fast and has now begun to be more awake and play a bit with each other. 

4 weeks old
We have moved in to the livingroom and got a new big pen.

5 weeks old
We are now 5 weeks old and so curious at the world. Today granny opened the pen and we ran out in to the livingroom, wow so big and exciting new world to explore. 

6 weeks old
We have now been out in the garden every day for a while and we really enjoy that 

7 weeks old
We love to run around in the garden and to spend time
with our wonderful and kind dad that plays with us
Now we have got names too and the topic for the boys is Lord of the Rings

8 weeks old
We have fun and play all day long, and now when the weather is
so nice we spend a lot of time running outside with the other dogs

9 weeks old

10 weeks old 

The puppies photo album from after they have moved out