Miniatureschnauzer litters


Imrun`s Maza Neibade
Chelines Latin Lover

Born: 24th November 2009 - 3 males & 1 female 

The father of the litter Chelines Latin Lover is from Spain and that is why the topic for the puppies names is Spanish names this time.

Name for the boys:                               Name for the girl:
Imrun`s Don Armando                          Imrun`s Dona Laya
Imrun`s Don Bandido
Imrun`s Don Benito 


BLR RU BALTIC CH Neibade`s Fidzi Fidzi
N DK CH Solvfoten`s Flashing Boss A`nova

Born: 21st February 2008 - 1 male & 3 females

This is our first litter with miniatureschnauzer black/silver and our second litter at all with minischnauzer.This is a long wanted litter since it is almost 10 years ago since last time minischnauzer puppies were born in our house.
Fidzi has had 2 litters before with 3 puppies in both so we thought it would come 3 this time too, three females came first and then a fourth puppy came and a little prince it was 

Fidzi came to us from Latvia and that is why the topic for the puppies names is Latvia this time.

Name for the boy:
Imrun`s Lukass Bossa Dels - Imrun`s Lukass son of Boss

Names for the girls:
Imrun`s Maza Neibade - Imrun`s Little Neibade
Imrun`s Mazi Talsi - Imrun`s Little Talsi
Imrun`s Skaista Dace - Imrun`s Beautiful Dace

Our first litter with miniatureschnauzers was pepper/salt, born 8th September 1998.

Mother was our Schnauzerhill`s Endless Love X Reindalen`s Benito. There was 4 puppies in the litter, 3 boys and 1 female. 

Akila - we kept ourselves 

Acours Rex - moved to the north part of Norway 

Angus Fant - moved not far from us. 

Apollo - moved to Sandefjord