Trondheim 2016

I and some of the dogs spent the weekend 1st-4th July 2016 in Trondheim.
Vi visited Rita and Guri and went to the Norwegian Kennel Club Show on Sunday.
It is always so nice to drive this way, so much to see and not to many on the roads.

Trondheim 2009 

25th June Kari came driving from Naerbo and here, 650 km and about 9 hours.

Friday we packed the car, put 10 dogs in it and starts to drive north and towards Trondheim. After 470 km and 6-7 hours in the car we are finally there at Storsand Gaard Camping just passed 21.
A great camping a bit north for Trondheim with lot of space and in beautiful surroundings.
I and Kari rented a cabin with 2 bedrooms, own bath and kitchen.
Friday evening we just gathered at our place, took it easy and just enjoyed ourselves. 

Saturday was a day we spent socialize, groom the dogs, ring training, barbecue, just having a good day.

I walked around the camping several times with all the dogs, two and two, and Marit & Paal with Rheia & Rico walked together with us on some of them and Kari & Timo too.
In the afternoon we found a nice place in the shadow and had ring training with Kari (Boris` mum) as the instructor. It was fun and we learned some too.
I groomed Boris, Timo, Rheia, Rico, Lucy and just had a last look at my own dogs so they all were ready and nice for the day after to the show.
In the evening we walked over to Marit and Paal were we barbecued and spent some very nice time in good company. 

Sunday and showday. 

Here we had entered both affenpinschere and our miniatureschnauzer Riga. And I had also entered in breeders class and progeny class with Pippin, Jarube Sir Perceval, since several of his kids came to this show.
We got fantastic good results and are very satisfied.
Our champion males all got CQ and was placed as 1, 2 and 3. Pippin became BOB.
The girls all got their red ribbons too.
In progeny class I got 1-1, HP and also became 2nd BOG.
In breeders class we got 1-1, HP.
Our miniatureschnauzer Riga, Imrun`s Maza Neibade, got 1-2, HP.
We are very satisfied after this fantastic weekend spent with good friends and all the dogs

After the show we went back to the camping and relaxed after a long hot day and we were very satisfied :)
In the evening Marit and Paal came to us and we barbecued, had a good time and just taked about the nice day we have had.
the barbecue king was Paal both days and we give him top score for the food.

Monday and we are going home again. We pack all our stuff and get ready a bit sad because we know it is a long time til next time we will meet again.
We take the dogs for a walk down to the water so they can have some fun and relax a bit before the long drive back home.
We had plans to take some group pictures of all the affenpinschere that were at the camping, 14 all in all, but did not remember it before after Kari and Ole with Timo and Ann Mari and Oivind with Lucy had gone home. So in the group picture it is 12 affenpinschere and 1 miniatureschnauzer. 

What a fantastic weekend this has been and I will for sure do it again in the future.
Kari you are always nice company and I spend good time with you and your dogs.
Marit and Paal, it was so nice to meet you again and to see the little princess Rheia again and how nice she has turned up to be. Thanks for lovely company, good food.
Kari and Ole, thank you so much for taking the time to stay behind so I could go in to the group in breeders and progeny class. And thanks for a nice weekend together.
Ann Mari and Oivind, thanks for a lovely weekend and hope we see you soon.
Ellinor, thank you so much for a great day at the show and as always you handle Pippin absolutely fantastic and this time all the way to the top.