Wednesday 1st December 2010
We left home 02.45 and arrived at Gardermoen ca 04.45. At Gardermoen Linn and Miriam waited with their dog Neri who is a Spanish water dog lady. Linn, Jacinto and their daughter Miriam has kennel El Nuciero and they have several Spanish water dogs and 2 affenpinschere.
0710 the plane took off and landed in Alicante 4 hours later.
Here the sun was up and about 18-20 °C, a bit different from home were it was -24 °C when we left this morning.
We have rented a car, a Fiat that have plenty of room for the dogs and us.
The house we borrow is just fantastic, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room. And a great garden for the dogs too.

Thursday 2nd December
A long day with lot of new things and impressions.
A beautiful morning with breakfast and tea and then we took the dogs for a short walk.
After that we went to the town Villajoyosa at the local market, it was so much nice to look at and we shopped to gold I think.
We bought something easy for lunch called churros, a kind of cake fried and with sugar on it.
Pippin has not been so well and got worse throughout the day so I choose to take him to the vet, poor little man had anal gland inflammation and was not happy. They gave him some for it and we will go back tomorrow for a check up. So it depends how he is feeling this coming weekend and if he can go to the shows.
The veterinary clinic was big and nice and with very skilled veterinarians.
After we went to a small town, Guadalest, were we ate dinner and shopped some more. 

Friday 3rd December
Today we have just relaxed, shopped a bit, walked the dogs and just had a good time.
Pippin poor man is still sick and has been home with his dog sitter. 

Saturday 4th December
Today we got up very early got ready and drove off to the show, Pippin staid at home with a dog sitter since he still is sick.
Rosie was happy and in good shape and charmed the Russian judge, Ekaterina Senashenko, and she got EXC1, CAC, and became Mejor De Raza (BOB).
Neri also did well and she got EXC2.
I and Linn had the same time in the ring with our dogs and in different rings so I have no picture of Rosie in the ring today, but tomorrow we have different times in the rings so hopefully we will manage to take some pictures of my little English rose  

Sunday 5th December
New show day and just like yesterday we got up very early.
Rosie was really happy and walked like a little queen and judge Gerardo Meyer from Spain also tought she was a little queen and gave her EXC1, CAC, CACIB and also today she became Mejor De Raza (BOB), so you can say that I am very pleased with Rosie`s show results from our trip. 

Monday 6th December
Today we have walked in the mountain, Castellet Leon Dormido, several hours in the beautiful weather we have had here today with 23 °C. With us came some friends of Linn, Monica and her daughter Inma and their little miniatureschnauzer Atilla.
Look at the pictures and you will understand what a fantastic walk it was. 

Wednesday 8th December
Home again and to a temperature difference on 51 °C, we went from about 25 °C and came home to -26 °C. Rosie thinks we should turn around and go back again and I do agree with her a bit, but it was good to come home and hug all the dogs and have them around me, it warmed a cold body.
I had to take a picture from the balcony at my bedroom to show you the beautiful views that I woke up to every morning and some from the airport.
I thank so much for the fantastic travelling company I had in Linn, her lovely daughter Miriam and their great dog Neri.
I have been able to experience Spain i a completely different way than an ordinary tourist, since I was so welcome in Linn and Miriam`s Spanish family, eating home-cooked food, have been taken in places I otherwise would not have experienced. I have fallen in love with this part of Spain with the incredible nature and beautiful people that live here.