Mum Alfa


N DK LV LT CH Schnaffentangens Top Alfa 
INT NORDIC LT CH LTW-08 Jarube Sir Perceval

Born: 14th July 2007 - 4 males + 4 females

Dad Pippin

Photo album from their puppy time here in Kennel Imrun and from
their life`s in their for ever homes, further down on the page.

Photo album`s of them all

Imrun`s Famous Eight Gaia                          Imrun`s Famous Eight Athos
Imrun`s Famous Eight Rheia                        Imrun`s Famous Eight Hero

All puppies 6 weeks old in the same order as they were born 

We are now celebrity`s

Today we are in the newspaper, the whole front page and 2 pages inside the paper.
Mum Alfa and dad Pippin proud introduced their puppies for reporter Kjell R. Hermansen and photographer Ole-Jonny Myhrvold from the newspaper Glomdalen yesterday.
All the photos here are taken by photographer Ole-Jonny Myhrvold. From the newspaper Glåmdalen 

Now we have passed 3 weeks, 24 days are we here. 

We have now moved out from the bedroom and into the kitchen, mum says that now you shall see some more of the world and take part of the things that happens in the house.
Mum has placed a gate around the litterbox so we can sit in there safe and good while we peeps around, and there are is also a gate from the kitchen and into the livingroom so the other dogs can not come into us if not mum let them in, we are too small for that yet mum says.
Today we tasted food for the first time and honestly it was not bad, not bad at all.
after all the new experiences and new impressions it was very good to take a well deserved rest. And we need all the rest we can get for tomorrow the newspaper comes to make an interview of us. 

This time Alfa got 10 puppies, a huge achievement for a little affen lady. Unfortunately 2 was stillborn, but 4 boys and 4 girls made it.
Honestly we did not believe what we saw. And after talking to some people it seems like this litter is the largest affen litter ever.
the whole ordeal went good, simple and quick, everything was over after 2 hours and 55 minutes.
You are one incredible lady Alfa. 

Alfa are testing her litterbox and look after that everything is in order here, someone have to take a last control...

And when mum is checking the litter box the father himself take a last check that everything is on place before birth. 

Alfa is here 53 days in the pregnancy, and have today been on x-ray, now we know how many puppies Alfa is having - mum says HELP

If I could talk and I had known what mum know, I would probably said HELP too